"Gallery on the Lake" Rahanana Israel 2017,
Curator: Orit Lotringer

"Philosophy Day as declared by UNESCO" TLV Israel, 2013
Every year it was noted around the world, on 18 November, the International Philosophy Day as declared by UNESCO
Central organizing philosophy "New Acropolis" worldwide said every year the day holding a meeting on philosophy philosophical - universal. 2013 was the fifth year that this event is taking place in the country and is very successful.
This year we chose to hold a photo contest to commemorate philosophy which took part in amateur and professional photographers. 

image winner for newspaper "Israel Post"
Tel aviv garden, 2012

Exhibition depth of field "DOF",
in the Expo TLV  Israel, 2011
Architecture Photographed in terms of urban, light, and conflict is a collaboration of architects and photographers, observing the architectural concept and the conflict between him and architectural project.

Exhibition in the cafe "Loveat" TLV Israel, 2010
Curator : Yehudit Matzke

Exhibition in the "Camera obscura school of art"
Tel aviv Israel, 2009